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Enzo Marino painter and sculptor
Via Pio XII, 114 80026 Casoria-Naples-Italy
Tel./fax +39.081.7361819

Enzo Marino was born casually in Casoria Naples, mediterranean city of that territory called by the ancients “Campania Felix” in the South of Europe. Very young he devoted his life to the research and experimentation and through it, he arrives to new techniques of artistic expression; shy and averse man he doesn’t like to advertise himself, but he is always helpful for meetings with youngs (group “Fuori Porta- Palazzo dei Giudici- Capua 1977; scuole medie –Terme Lunigiane- Cosenza 1986; polish students- Ginnasium-Berlin march 1997; young neapolitan intellectuals- casa dell’artista- January 2001)

Since about fourteen years he actively participates to the italian and international artistic life with personal and collective displays; intervening to manifestations, displays and debates; taking part in Public boards for the assignment of awards and artistic works in the public buldings; he was interested in artists social problems, managing first like Campania General Secretary, the FNLAV (Italian National Federation Visual Arts Workers), after, the SNA (National Trade Union Artists) and taking part to the National Secretary of the SNA.

Signaled by the critics in the National Catalogue of Modern Arts Bolaffi/Mondadori 1985, he is in the most important art publications.

He has won awards like the “Montecitorio”, “Città di Brindisi”, the “Leonardo Da Vinci”, the “Leone d’oro di Venezia”, “Arte & Sport”- CONI,, the “Porcellino di Firenze”, the “Marc’Aurelio”, the “Maestro del Pennello”, the “Virgilio”- UNESCO.
His works are in museums and public and private european and extracommunity collections.

He begins the expositive activity in the sixties and between 1974 and 1976, he publishes the first folders of serigraphy; “Sedie”, “Questioni”, “Cavalli”.

In the seventies when the “social” approaches the world of the art to that of the industry, Marino developes some juvenile intuitions creating new techniques, for example AL-ANILINE where applies the industrial chemistry to painting and sculpture.

In the 1977 organizes and manages the group of action theatre –Fuori porta- of Capua (Caserta).

In the 1982 projects the work monument “La Bestia Industriosa” for the Alfa-Romeo of Pomigliano d’Arco (director of the works Paolo Gioia) and in the 1984 presents to the bookshop Marotta of Naples his art book “Spacca Napoli” – Ed. Dossier Arte- Ancona, creating a debate between Max Vajro, Domenico Rea, Olivier Gravier, Rosario Di Bonito, the master Girosi and E. Marino.
In occasion of the anniversary of the Resistance in the South, he collaborates to the drafting of the book/inquiry “La Resistenza tra Nola ed Acerra” and publishes the book “1943: Pelle di Popolo” which graphics are requested for displays and didactic purposes; while in 1986 he publishes “Leggende Flegree”- which provokes many controversies.
In 1988 he cements his friendship and collaboration with the writer/poet Nino Leone, realizing an album of three folders of etchings-paints and poems with the title “Vento di Terra”, “Serena” and”Procita”; M.D.B. Wilhelm wants him for collaborate to the book “The Other Italy” for the editions W.W. Norton & Company-New York/London. In the same year he takes part in Berlin to the manifestation of the UNESCO “Give Peace a Chance!”, while he is the leader of the italian artist delegation at the X Kongresses des Verbandes Bildender Kunstler der DDR.
In march 1998 in occasion of the “Woman Feast”, he shows his “Mater Matuta” at Palazzo Fazio of Capua (CE)
Between april and may, at invitation of the Museum of the visual Poetry “Angelus Novus” he exhibits himself in “Lavori in corso(d’opera)” at Palazzo Benedetti of L’Aquila in the performance “Jazz & Mito” interpreting and producing nine colours of Miles Davis’ Aura.
In autumn promoted by the Italian Institute of Culture of Berlin and by Polski Instytut Kultury Berlin, he prepares in the gallery of the Polish Institute of Berlin-Mitte the display “Mythos, Eros Magie” with the patronage of the Presidency of Chamber and Senate, with the intervention of the Stadt Berlin, of the Chancellor H.Kohl’s representative and of the Embassies.
In the eighties he dedicates himself to the stagings and graphic designing too realizing private stages and for congresses (Museo Campano-Capua, Terme of Castellammare di Stabia, Centro Sociale of Avellino, etc.); “Groups of production” strip-movie for the Alfa Romeo; “Costruiamo un popolo che lotti le droghe” for the operative group; “Linea Europa” set of belts for the CA-FI; wall posters for the CGIL, CISL, UIL and others.
In these years emerges from his research: the “fused temperas” a manipulation of the colours for having graphics reliefs (monotype) where, like it’s possible to read in his personal painting, are abolished the brushes and the spatules, the suggestive wefts are obtained with roller tools made by himself.
From 1985 to 1998 he collabores with Public Authorities and Trade-unions promoting and collaborating to cultural and artistic projects like “Produrre Ambiente” Pompei Ruines (1986); “Cartellauno” and “Cartelladue” graphics (1987/1989); Grahic competition “Patto per il Lavoro” (1989); campaign of wall posters for the promotion of the visual arts in Campania (1990/1991); congresses “Arte & IVA”- Promoter Belle Arti of Naples and “2% Lavoro per gli artisti” Artistic “Liceo” Naples; project “…..Transiti…..” (1991/1993); “Dimensione Mito” 1996; “Arte Mito Magìa” (1997).

From 1988 to 1994 he works in the redaction of the review “Arti Visive” of Rome.

In 1993 he is invited by the Stadt Erlangen (Germany) to take part, with the personal display “1988…..Veraenderungen…..1993”, to the international manifestation “Interkultureller Monat”: while the Acquappesa Terme Lunigiane (Cosenza) has requested his presence in many occasions, staging for him personal displays like “Opus” (1988), “Schegge” (1989), Via Crucis (1992) and inserting him in the national manifestations of the “Luigiano d’oro” (1990) and “78. Giro Ciclistico d’Italia” (1995).
Between his recent displays we have: “Matres Matutae” Palazzo Fazio-Capua (1998); “Lavori in corso (d’opera)/Jazz e Mito”-Angelus Novus –Palazzo Benedetti- L’Aquila (1998); “Il Mitp” S.E. Starza-S.Cipriano d’Aversa (1997); “Grafik” Afie e V. –Erlangen (1997); “1860/1970: Lavoratori a Napoli- Castel Sant’Elmo Naples (1996); “I Tempi Mitici” Castello Durazzo/Angioino –Afragola (1996); “Giovani & Mito – Toscana Art- Heidelberg (1995).

In the 1999 his tireless research comes to the sculptural-pictorial technique of new conception defined with the term “Sculptures-Graphemes”, and with it produces new works.
At invitation of the city of Pertosa (SA), he creates, in the bowels of the earth with a route of two Kilometers of fascinating caverns, the suggestive and spectacular staging “Graffi Atavici”.
In September he exposes, with the display “Eros Mediterraneo” at the Aragonese Castle of Otranto (Lecce), in the manifestation Adri@tica.
At the end of 1999 the Sharjah Art Museum buys one of his work.
In the 2000 he improves the research in the sculptures-graphemes, enriching with other themes the project “Graffi Atavici” through multimedial elements.
From july to september he proposes to the city of Lecce the collection “Mythos Eros Magie” staging the display in the Museum of S.Maria di Cerrate with the patronage of Lecce Province and of Fiat-Hitachi.In the same period he shows “Somnorium Interpretatio” in the gallery RussoArteContemporanea of Lecce.
During the stay in Lecce in the printing works “Torchio d’Arte Stella” directed by P.Urso, produces three folders of etchings-paints with the title “Lecce (Homage to the baroque city), “Scherzo Leccese” and “Pul”
In the last six months of the 2000 he organizes in his studio a, series of meetings-provocations with a group of young intellectuals from which spring poems, prose texts, experimental music, movies, coloured scores and ideas.
In the beginning of the 2001, he publishes another folder of etchings-paints with the title “Graffi Atavici” and the book “Urzeitliche Kratzer/Graffi Atavici” product of the experience-provocation with the group of young intellectuals.
Between January and February of the 2001 stages in the Galerie Haus Am Askanischen Platz of Berlin-Kreuzberg the multimedial display “Urzeitliche Kratzer/Graffi Atavici” supported by the Berlin Italian Institute of Culture and Naples Province.
In march 2002 establishes in Turin the international group “Liberi Artisti Europei” and with it he takes part to the manifestation “Artisti a Torino”, “Artisti in Fiera” – Parma-, Laviano (SA) estate d’arte 2002”, “Autunno artistico” of Genoa and “Profili d’arte all’alba del terzo millennio”- Turin organized by the International Federation Experts, Researchers and Art Critics.
Novus Campus the review of the Ires Campania (Institute of Economic and Social Researches) devoted to him the cover of the month of march.
He exhibits in april “Eros & Yung” at the gallery Russo Artecontemporanea of Nardò (Lecce), and in june, “Figure” at the Gallery Artincontri of Turin while in november he takes part to “Arte Padova 2002”.

Are interested in his art:
Francesco Piselli, Matteo D’Amrosio, Francesco D’Episcopo, Nino Leone, Giuseppe Siano, Antonio Gasbarrini, Massimo Guastella, Luigina Moretti, Kamilla Kurek, Leopoldo Iannelli, Antonella Zagaroli, Slawomir Tryc, Antonio Cassiano, Mimmo Grasso, Domenico Rea, Max Vajro, Olivier Gravier, Ugo Piscopo, Irmgard Scharold, Rosario Di Bonito, Eugen Barthelmeb, George Cheliotis, Aniello Montano, Antoni Buchner, Pasquale Ognissanti, Enzo di Grazia, Carlo Barbieri, Uch (erlangen kultur), Obernoff Kirsten.

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Catalogues, books and art folders:

2001 “Urzeitliche Kratzer/Graffi Atavici” (Angelus Novus Editori-L’Aquila);
“Graffi Atavici” –acqueforti- Ediz.Torchio d’Arte Stella – Lecce
2000 “Scherzo Leccese” –acqueforti- Ediz.Torchio d’Arte Stella – Lecce
“Lecce” acqueforti- Ediz.Torchio d’Arte Stella – Lecce
“Pul” acqueforti- Ediz.Torchio d’Arte Stella – Lecce
1998 “Mythos Eros Magie” F.Piselli/F.D’Episcopo/G.Siano/Intra Moenia, Napoli
“AURA” - Lavori in corso (d’opera)/Jazz & Mito” M.D’Ambrosio /
A.Gasbarrini / A.Zagaroli - Angelus Novus Editori - L’Aquila
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1996 “I Tempi Mitici” di F. D’Episcopo-O.G.B; Casoria Napoli
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1994 “Viaggio Senza Frontiere” N.Leone- O.G.B.- Casoria Napoli
1993 “1988…Veraenderungen…1993” N.Leone / D.Rea / L.Jannelli / M.Vajro /
E. Di Grazia / U.Piscopo
1991- “Volti” e “I Saggi”
1988 “Vento di Terra” Il Laboratorio Nola-Lingua Inn_Napoli
“Serena” Il Laboratorio Nola- Lingua Inn Napoli-
“Procita” Il laboratorio Nola- Lingua Inn Napoli-
“The Other Italy” M.d.Wilhelm-W.W. Norton & C New York-
“Cartelladue” FNLAV Arti Visive in Campania
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“Ragione colorata” N.Leone (stampa in proprio).
1985 “1943:Pelle di Popolo” U.Piscopo- IGS V. Imbriani Pomigliano d’Arco
1984 “Spacca Napoli” M.Vajro/D.Rea –Dossier Arte Ancona-
“I Naufraghi” G.Vetromile- Marotta Napoli.
1977 “Cavalli” G.Punzo Grafica Contemporanea Napoli
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1976 “Questioni” A.Montano- Grafica 2-Napoli
1974 “Sedie” E. Di Grazia- Arte Nuova Oggi- Jesi/Ancona

Between the personal/collective/presences there are:

“Progetto:Juta in Scultura” (V.T.); “ Graffi Atavici” (V.T.) e CD-Rom; “Tempere fuse e disegni”-CD-Rom; “Mythos Eros Magie” CD-Rom; “Aura e grafiche” CD-Rom; “1988…Veraenderungen…1993” (V.T.); “Arte Mito Magia” (V.T.); “I Tempi Mitici” (V.T.);

Studios of Marino Enzo

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