Mark Herbert

"The cube woman dances"
© 2018 Mark Herbert

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I have been an in the arts for over 10 years. I got my start doing cartoons and comic book style illustartions. Then I went to UNCW and becam very interested in cubism and the DaDa movement. I have been focused on mixed media paintings and sculptures recently as well as folk art. I also write music and am in the band Cosmic Groove Lizards. This gives me a chance to incorporate both musical and visual talents. I have enjoyed teaching art to children at the School of Learning arts in Wilmington and to special needs children. I am focused on private lessons at this point in my career. I develped to showcase my artworks and that of my wife who is an incredible potter. I have been selling my works in the region for a while but look forward to marketing my art in other cities. My work has often been compared to Picasso which I definitely take as a complement but insist that I have my own unique style. I also have a line of coffee mugs which are called Java Head mugs because they have faces on them. I invite you to explore my artwork and give feedback as I think it is very necessary in the development of an artist!
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