Martin Koetsier

Observation the end of times
© 2017 Martin Koetsier

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My career as an artist is best described as a self-taught journey seeking the ultimate harmony between colors, materials and.... of course, myself.

In 1963 at the young age of fifteen I started painting, experimenting with printing ink on printing-paper, those materials were the remains of my work as a pupil-printer.
The encouragement of my family, friends and colleagues to develop my talents (not as a printer) became a driving force behind the production of all of my works and projects.

For the last ten years there is one material that is a constant in all my projects: sand. Its robust and flexible texture in combination with oil paint allows me to really take my work to a new level. The flowing organic structure of sand works well as a contrast to the abstract, geometrical style of my paintings and 3d work.

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