Martin Velez

"Reflections" Canvas Giclee Print
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Martin was born in The Bronx and got art education from the streets of New York City. His first passion was comic book art but he was quickly thrown into graffiti because of it's provocative and rebellious meaning. After several years of painting graffiti his focus turned to painting on canvas and exploring various art mediums and techniques. Modern art from the 1980s had a big influence on Martin as he witnessed first hand the art of the young minds of New York City and other up and coming artists like himself. Although Martin has been an artist almost all his life, it has only been in the last 15 years that he has had the freedom to tap into his creative mind and pursue his dream of creating art full time.

Martin's art style has no boundaries and his paintings are evidence that he has versatility in almost any medium. He enjoys working mostly with oils but often has a watercolor or acrylic painting nearby to finish. Although Martin has no particular style when he paints, his passion for comic book art and graffiti are still evident in his style of painting and in the way he uses his colors. He believes that art is ever changing, much like life itself, and that people need to adapt constantly if they are to survive in the art world. Several years ago Martin returned to school to earn a degree in Graphic Design and now also creates print and web designs when the opportunity presents itself. His work can be seen in various businesses as framed art and mural paintings.
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