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I started my art education in 1989 at the Instituto de Bellas Artes de San Luis Potosí, under the supervision of Maestro Alberto Martínez, who started me with a drawing course first and from there took me into his experimental art shop at the Institute. I learned to use mixed media freely and creatively. At the same time I took courses with other teachers in different techniques like watercolor, pastel and monotype printmaking. I had my first figurative individual exhibit in 1992 at Difusión Cultural del Instituto de Bellas Artes in San Luis. During that year I entered several collective exhibits in this city. In 1992 my painting was one of the 70 paintings chosen out of 700 in the country of México to be exhibited during the "San Luis 400 Award". It is the only contest I have entered. My work has shown in Galerías Lopez Morton in Mexico City, Casa de Gobierno, Coyoacan, Mexico D.F., Saltillo, Coahuila and many times in San Luis. I have had two other individual exhibits and show an average of twice a year in collective exhibits. I have recently turned to abstract expressionism and I continue to use mixed media. I think my paintngs have always been more about texture than figure, and are accomplished more from feeling than planning.
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