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I am born in the ' 53, to Turin, but I consider an Italian stateless person.

To the age of 19 years I take the sea, beginning to furrow the blue of the world with the uniform of official of the Italian merchant marine, and under - activity, amatorial and not, like astrologer, painter, musician; for last the activity of goldsmith with which I will stop sailing for the seas of the world, I had 40 years.

In the ' 99 I take artistic diploma to the L.S. " P. Klee ", one beautiful experience, enriching.

Currently I have a state employment that concurs me to survive, with the rest alive.
Metaphysical painting has been defined that one of Zilioli, that remenber images that come from the memory and from unconscious but also the painting that constructs with knowledge the event, the travel towards a territory of perfection that does not belong of sure to this world (M. Pepe)
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