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Recently I have attained a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration at The Arts
Institute at Bournemouth, which allowed for a multi-disciplinary approach to the creative arts. I
am passionate about art and design, and committed to creativity well beyond the profession. My
work is geared towards a mixture of both traditional and contemporary methods of illustration,
animation, and web design with a wide range of styles and versatility to different briefs. I have
diverse experience and knowledge within graphic design, photography, fine art, and illustration. I
am computer literate in both Mac and Pc. Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
QuarkXPress, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver and a variety of other design
and multimedia programs. I enjoy the diversity of different briefs, being challenged conceptually
and the freedom within projects. I am responsible, good at deadlines, good under pressure.
Since specialising in Illustration my degree has become a personal learning development for
myself, I have learnt the direction I want to take my work in the future. It has given me
confidence and a sense of learning and developing throughout. I am currently looking to
specialise within the new media sector. I am always looking to personal development and
dedicate my spare time to self-authored artwork and self initiated projects. My work, available
online and a selection in acrobat PDF format attached; fuses styles and crosses boundaries
between disciplines. Currently looking for employment or internship in the new media sector, I
would be a valuable member to the team, fresh with ideas and confident in working in a team. I
visit many galleries for both art and design, along with second hand bookshops, always looking
for inspiration. I am passionate about traveling, an avid ephemeral collector, and look to
everything as the basis of a self directed project. I am constantly improving my work and
pushing myself to create work. Future plans include a part time study of an MA in a relevant
subject and study illustration in its broadest sense. I look to working freelance, selling my
artwork and the possibility of opening my own business. Recently my work has been exhibited in
Mayfair, London as part of a private exhibition, I have been asked to participate in a new Booth-
Clibborn published book. As part of an illustration collective in Chicago, a selection of my work
has been traveling throughout the US. In addition, I am currently in collaboration with producing a series of limited edition canvases.
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