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Matthew Monroe is a self-taught fine art photographer who utilizes traditional film-based
medium and large format cameras to capture his images. A majority of his work is from his
extensive travels throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.
Matthew enjoys subject matters that capture various symbolic elements of life. His subject
matter can be quite eclectic, from landscapes, to classic still lifes, to scenes from urban realities.
The common element is that his choice of subject tells a story.

Matthew's most recent subject interests include the cultural segments and icons that exist on the
fringes of societal norms.  With in these images, his objective is to allow us to visually experience
the irony of how these tangential elements shape and influence popular trends and ideology. In
addition, Matthew is working on a collection of still-life large format Polaroids. He purposefully
fades the Polaroids by delaying coating to create a stunning representation of decomposition.

Matthew creates all of his own final prints, principally utilizing traditional darkroom techniques.
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