Matthew Noble

Last of the four-wheeled rullies
© 2018 Matthew Noble

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I never thought of myself as an artist, although I was the only one in our family of four who hadn't got an art degree. This changed slightly on the death of my father, when I inherited his camera, and the seeds were then sown. Initially I thought i could make a living from shooting stock and commercial work, but slowly my world has turned to a more art bias. My work is based on the land and countryside in which I work, on my 9 to 5 regular job. I observed that many of the characters that had enlightened my childhood and early adulthood had dissapeared and no visual record existed. Times had changed on the land too, and even though I am comparitively young, I still can look at images form the 70's and think I wish those times had been recorded better. I now live with camera in hand, observing everyday life with renewed vigour and an insight into what may be interesting to view in 10 or 20 years time.
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