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On the border between photography and graphic art.

To describe what I do I'll have to explain that there are two different paths that I follow. After taking a photograph I try to isolate what is, for me, the essence of that image. That essence can be anything. A facial expression or the beauty that can be seen in everydays objects, to name a few. To isolate that essence I use various techniques in the digital domain. It's the point where my photography transforms into digital art. In this situation, the photograph is merely the raw material, the starting point to work from. Somewhat like a sketch to base a painting on. Finally, the images are printed on a photoprinter. Though there are many media to choose from, I prefer to present my work printed.

To visualise a state of mind, emotion or feeling, I start with searching photographic material that lends itself to be manipulated towards the image I'm trying to create. From there on, in a technical sense, things are more or less the same. The most important difference is that in the first situation, the digital work is the next step in finishing the photograph. While in the second situation, the photographic material is merely the 'paint' to work with.

No doubt that I'm influenced by expressionism, fauvism and abstract-expressionism. Yet part of my work seems to tend towards some sort of contemporary symbolism. While when searching for the essence of an image, that images seems to become abstracted. Well at least my painting style fits a box: abstract-expressionism.

Attended drawing and painting classes at MariŽnburg Art Center in Arnhem for two years. Beyond that: auto-didact. Reading, trying, learning.
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