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Mędad Radmer was born in 1965. Parallel with his obligatory education in childhood He began painting

and studding art in private schools. After college he entered fine art university of Tehran, and shortly after

he moved to Europe and continued his study in Denmark.

Mędad's exhibitions of his surreal paintings in the 80'es were a solid platform for his artistic debut.

A period of a pictorial study of his thought which flied between the meaningless and

meaningful. Most of his paintings had stories which often were described as surreal .

During the early 90'es when he was living in America, he became neorealist and since than he is

specializing in paintings of still life.

He developed a technique so the brightness of colors and sharpness of edges

enhances the purity and clearness of the subject which usually appears very simple.

Mędad's paintings are not based on photography or actual models. At first the viewers believe in the

reality of the subject , but later will realize the truth which is often surreal. That is why his still life paintings

are not frozen moments or like snapshots. There is an on going struggle between reality and truth in his

art which can move perceptions and focus on unlimited possibilities. Exaggeration of size and forms, or

colors and lights and shadows in a digestible approach, is Mędad's way of not compromising the reality

and keep the question open.

Today; Mędad is living and working in Europe and USA , but mostly in Copenhagen.

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