Mehdi Mirazimi

They are wall painting on walls (Ex : Guitar man 4*4.5 meters)
© 2018 Mehdi Mirazimi

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Mehdi Mirazimi was born in Shiraz, Iran on August 16, 1976. Although his parents are from Abarkooh, a city in the province of Yazd, they currently live in Shiraz.
Mr. Mirazimi passed his elementary education and received his high school diploma in 1995. Since his early years of life, Mehdi Mirazimi was interested in art. He therefore initially became involved in graphic design as a child. At the age of nineteen, he attended Sorah University in the field of graphics and design. While studying at the university, Mehdi exhibited some of his art work in Shiraz. After one year, he left Sorah University in order to complete his mandatory military service. In the military, he was elected as the manager of an artist's group.
After the military, Mehdi Mirazimi was still interested in his education. Because of his persistence, he passed the university's test successfully.
Mehdi Mirazimi got married to a twenty-two year old computer engineer on October 2, 2000. Today, he is continuing his education in the field of architecture at Bahonar College in Shiraz.
Mehdi Mirazimi's positive outlook is evident in his personal motto: "There is no work in the world that we cannot do."

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