Mehtab Ali

Inside View of Mahabat Khan Mosque, Peshawar
© 2017 Mehtab Ali

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Mehtab Ali is a Science Graduate from the University of Karachi. He has
proven himself in many areas including miniature, portrait and calligraphy,
using different mediums like oil, pen n’ ink, pastel colors and water
colors. His paintings depicting women in eastern dresses and in typical
moods have attracted great attention. Mehtab Ali specializes in portrait,
still life, landscape and cultural paintings.

Special displays of Mehtab Ali’s paintings have been held at the Royal
Family Palace, Brunei; Our Future World Foundation, USA; Islamic Centre,
Washington DC; Alliance Francaise de Paris; Raja Indisches Restaurant
Kassel, Germany and Japan Foundation, Tokyo.

Mehtab Ali was also specially selected to paint the portraits of the Royal
Family of Brunei including the King himself.

Art Work currently being exhibited in the following galleries:

 Chowkandi Art Gallery Karachi
 Indus Art Gallery, Karachi
 Citi Art Gallery. Karachi
 Eye for Art Gallery, Karachi
 Unicorn Gallery, Karachi
 Citi Art Gallery, Karachi
 The Art Gallery, Karachi
 Art Plus, Karachi
 Master Art Gallery, Karachi
 Coo-pera Art Gallery, Lahore
 Hamil Art Gallery, Lahore

Few of Selected Solo Auctions / Exhibitions:

• 2008: Embassy of Pakistan, USA
• 2008: University of Karachi Alumni Association, USA
• 2008: Friends of Pakistan Club, USA
• 2008: Islamic Center, Northern Virginia Trust, USA
• 2008: Annual Gala, Flowers of Hope - SOS Children’s Villages of
Pakistan, USA
• 2008: Zee TV Heritage India Festival, USA
• 2008: Citi Art Gallery, Karachi
• 2008: Dinner / Art Auction Salle Drouot, Karachi (event organized
by the Consulate General
Of France, Pierre Seillan) painting sold at a hammer.
• 2007: Blau Kerza Bonn, Germany
• 2007: Kassel, Germany
• 2007: Citi Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
• 2006: Kassel, Germany
• 2006: Indus Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
• 1995: Sheraton Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan
• 1994: Alliance Francaise de Karachi, Pakistan

Few of Selected Group Auctions / Exhibitions:

• 2009: Quinn’s Auction Gallery, USA
• 2009: “Art for Health” Auction, Karachi
• 2009: Kamelot Auction Gallery, USA
• 2009: Quinn’s Auction Gallery, USA
• 2009: Gulmohar Art Gallery, Karachi
• 2007: Hamara Karachi Festival
• 2005: Charity Show, Sheraton Hotel, Karachi
• 2005: Charity Show for Earthquake Victims, Karachi
• 2005: Four Men Show, The Art Gallery, Karachi
• 2005: Coopera Art Gallery, Lahore
• 2004: Tow Men Show, at Eye for Art Gallery, Karachi
• 2004: Mashu Art Gallery, Karachi
• 2003: National Sailing Center, Karachi
• 2002: Indus Gallery (tribute to Ali Imam), Karachi
• 1999: Urban Voices III, at Artfest1 99 Sheraton, Karachi
• 1999: Two Artist Show, Sheraton Hotel, Karachi

Few of Special Displays in World Over:

• Royal Family Palace, Brunei
• Our Future World, U.S.A.
• Islamic Center, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
• Alliance Francaise de Paris
• IBIS Hotel Epinay, Paris, France
• Raja Indisches Restaurant Kassel, Germany
• Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
• Hotel Bellevue, La Chapelle, Paris, France
• Portrait of Quaid-e-Azam, Karachi Gymkhana, Pakistan
• Our Future World Foundation, Pakistan
• Pakistan Air Force Base (PAF), Karachi

Painting Auction in Paris:

Child from Northern Pakistan an oil Painting was auctioned in France for
the benefit of special children in Pakistan; the painting was re-donated by
the buyer to be re-auctioned in the following year in Paris.

Specialized in:

• Portraits
• Still Life
• Landscape
• Cultural Paintings
• Calligraphy


1980-2007: Illustrated many books including a Norwegian Pedagogical Work.

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