Mel Manson

Flow of Tide
© 2018 Mel Manson

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Mel first encountered the ability of the computer to turn Imagination into
Artwork at an outdoor music festival with a sound visualisation program
known as G-Force, and since then has been constantly exploring the realm of Digital Color Formation. With an eye for color and form that has her producing everything from "Story Boards" for the Melbourne Fashion Industry, to an interest in cutting edge visualisation technology that she has used to create wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling surround animated graphic projections to a crowd of thousands at Music Industry CDlaunches -she is always finding new ways to use the power of the pixel to express feelings in flowing liquid light.
Combinations of live video and still camera footage, captured Plasma Arc
streams, sound-triggered waveforms and texture-wrapped 3D modelling are all incorporated into her artwork. A custom made desk housing multiple computers with video capturing and mixing equipment was created to allow live on-site inspiration at Multimedia events such as dance partys and live band performances. Constant scouring of the net and working with software authors to find, create and develop the tools to capture her visions has given her a broad understanding of the possibilities of digital artwork that few traditional artists would appreciate.
From Photoshop to Lava, Cool-3D to VooDooLights, G-Force to Pixaround and many more are all colors on the palette of her creations. She is always searching for new ways to challenge the norms of artistic expression.
I photographed these divine creatures with a digital camera through glass. It's called 'flow of tide'. An interesting capture of a seahorse caught during an amazing spiral surge toward the camera. The insides of the far left horse can be seen within it's outside mass. The magnificent natural lighting and colour so inspired me to produce this piece of digital art.

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