Melissa Gofton

She Deflates
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I am a Los Angeles based artist, and my work is very much about my city. Because I don't own a car, I see L.A. with a very different perspective from almost everyone else. Drivers of course see all the signs & billboards cropping up everywhere, but in traffic they don't have the time to really read it all. I started shooting pictures with my digital camera through the passenger window as I'm being driven around in 1999. At first I made a point of only capturing the buildings & signs: I tried to shut out the life of the city. SUVs & big delivery trucks, however, kept inserting themselves into my shots, and I began to consciously include the traffic into my images. I use Photoshop to enhance the colors & add effects to my images, but there is absolutely no collaging or other tampering with the content. It may seem incredible, but if you drive in L.A., you know, these are our streets.
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