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M, (aka Mem Nahadr) an Internationally acclaimed performance artist based in New York, depicts a series of compositions, ”emanations” from a deemed “Madwoman” in an interactive multimedia installation of space, light, sound, items and images This installation includes a ninety-minute live performance by M, and stands as a sculptured interactive art piece otherwise. Supported by a Master team of artists and technicians, this presentation includes a state of the art customized multimedia system created by James P. Nichols, Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer, as well as creative direction and innovative set design by Claude E. Sloan, Jr., of the LOEB Drama Center Experimental Theatre at Harvard and the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Public Theatre.

Life as a black woman with albinism has brought forth a plethora of experiences and M is the living embodiment of each and every one. Of these experiences we can only imagine the ignorant rants, the dumfounded looks, and the searching for acceptance. As if growing up during the civil rights movement wasn’t enough for the daughter of two black parents, how about growing up with albinism and being legally blind to boot. But don’t be mislead, this is not a story about overcoming racism or crumbling the foundations of a society where people are judged by the color of their skin. M’s story is that of a divine spirit whose life experience has made her a true artist, a being who communicates through music, image, voice and desire. So let us begin with the one experience, an epiphany if you will, that changed M’s life forever.

As a little girl M decided to test the limits of convention and dared to climb upon the bathroom sink to glance into the mirror. Until this point in time M was living a life of duality as a “White” “Black” person, but that duality was thrust upon her by a world in which she had no control. The moment she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror M became aware of the fact that her pigmentation was not the reason for her dissimilarity but rather the outcome of it. The duality collapsed and M became one not only with herself but with the world around her. She saw the potential of not limiting herself to merely a color of skin, instead she realized herself as part of the bigger picture. A fully functional, extremely aware consciousness connected to the green Bamboo Forests in China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the blue purple skies of majestic sunsets and the black & white that consumed her every thought. This Oneness is the key to M’s success as an artist and the unlimited bounds of this Oneness allows M to consistently pursue new and innovative ideas for her show.

By allowing the limitations of black & white to fall by the wayside M has succeeded in creating a form of art that is rich in culture, wrought with meaning, forged by inspiration, and flowing with freedom. Culled from the imagery of her imperfect eyes, inspired by the oneness of her being, created with her intellect and showered with her spirit the Madwoman show is a true and timeless piece of artistic expression. It follows the journey of M from small child alone in the world to a creature of higher consciousness connected to the world. The Madwoman experience is an extension of M’s life, a live representation of what she envisioned by peeking into her bathroom mirror. The coming together of audience, performer and consciousness is a direct link to the oneness that M discovered all those years ago.

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