Michael Brown

Om Mani Padme Hum
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Though he has never had any formal studies in the arts, Michael Brown has been creating art for the better part of his life. Independently, i.e: outside of schools and institutions, he has studied many different paths including- painting, yoga, meditation, shamanistic ritualism and Buddhism. These influences can be found within much of his work. The intricate and intutive use of color, line and pattern that is at the depth of his work transforms images into a vibrant, hypnotizing spectacle and celebration of life. Besides his own work his has worked on various commissions including, but definitely not limited to: snowboard graphics for the Burton Supermodel: the K2 ElDorado snowboard graphics; and in mural form at, amongst other places, the Kripalu Center for Yoga in Lenox, MA. He spends much of his time travelling and painting.

Giclee prints of his work are available. For prices of paintings and print orders please inquire with Joshua Liner of Lineage Gallery, 28 Church St, Burlington, VT, 802.862.7766.
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