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Now a nationally recognized artist/illustrator/designer, Michael D. Colanero started his artistic career at the age of 3 sketching and doodling on napkins and the back of place mats in his father’s restaurants.

Gradually progressing through crayons, markers, pastels, paints, airbrush and a few others his enlightening exposure to computer graphics showed a potential in which the limits and rigidity of traditional mediums could be broken. In 1988, deciding to pursue it professionally, he became a freelance Quantel Paintbox artist for video production.

Finding the extremely flexible yet very precise medium attractive and creatively liberating, he also dove into high-end desktop computer graphics and publishing with Apple's introduction of the first color Macintosh. Melding his passions and hobbies to his career and learning as the new medium developed, he emersed himself completely. His resulting capabilities now cover a wide range. A partial listing would read: illustration, design, photography, animation, web/interactive and 3D modeling/rendering as well as many other techniques and aspects’ of digital production for print, video or on screen viewing.

Following the example of his father's independence and work ethic he started his own business, a one-man agency in the form of a studio called InkSpot Designs – "Digital Illustration & Magic". A continuously growing venture, InkSpot Designs is now currently boasting over 20 awards on both local and district levels, as well as being twice Nationally Published.

This continual expansion has now spawned UNCOMMON Stock, a collection of high quality open and limited
edition fine art prints and other reproductions of his illustrations, photography and digital creations. Escaping the “decision by committee” process required in a client relationship, and revealing through his imagination and creative explorations new facets of visual richness and beauty. These images present a diversity of subject matter and themes and are available in a number of sizes and configurations.

With the curiosity of youth and the critically keen eye of a perfectionist his work is an extension of his life – reflecting his unique experiences and perspectives to the viewer. Exploring various aspects of the world around us all that often go overlooked – inspiring us to pause and appreciate both the intricate details as well as the purity of simplicity. Working in a variety of styles he is always looking for opportunities which utilize, enhance and challenge his education, skills and talents.
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