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Michael J. Martin is an artist residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
He comes from an armed forces family which was involved in regular moves across Canada, restricting Michael to developing his talents on his own. His formal training started when he enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a degree in Education. He studied a wide variety of courses while at university ranging from art history, through technical and theoretical courses in drawing, painting, pottery, printmaking, and photography. Michael continues to hone his skills and applies them to his work in commercial graphics, commissioned artworks, competitions and exhibitions.

In addition to his responsibilities as head of the graphic art dept. of a Saskatoon firm; Michael works as a freelance artist under the business name: "ART EXPRESSIONS" producing both commercial art and commissioned artworks (portraits, etc.) Michael also teaches art classes at his Studio/classroom in Saskatoon. (Visit www.members.shaw.ca/artexpressions for details.)

Michael describes his work as "realism" or "semi-realism" and continues to gain recognition for his technical expertise. His works are in private collections in Japan, the U.S. and across Canada. His work may be
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