Michael Kain

Kleiner Randhalter. 2003. 18 x 24 cm.
© 2018 Michael Kain

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·1949 born in Berlin

·1981 - 1986 completes studies for a Diploma the Kunsthochschule in Berlin under Prof. Dietrich Noßky and Prof. Heinrich Tessmer

·1986 candidacy for the Association of Fine Artists of the GDR

·since 1986 freelance in Berlin

·1989 becomes member of the Association of Fine Artists; Applied and Graphic Arts

·1993 member of the Professional Organisation of Artists, Berlin (BBK-Berlin); Trebnitz (Brandenburg), Symposium - Nature-Sketches

·1994 Scholarship of the Senate for Cultural Opportunities, Berlin

·1996 Engelsholm (Denmark), Symposium

·1997 Kiruna (Sweden), Snow festival

·2002 residential scholarship from the Foundation for Culture in the House of Art at Schloß Wiepersdorf

·2002 2nd place in a competition "Artistic design for the school for the non-abled bodied in Berlin-Buch" (in association with Achim Niemann)

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