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June 7, 2004


Michaela Mrafkova Martinez is an independent artist from Bratislava-Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia. She resides now and works in sunny Miami, Florida.You can find her original paintings and digital's art works fine prints in the famous Art Deco District,Espanola Way.
Michaela Martinez studied art since a very young age in Art Community Centers. She has exhibited early drawings in the Zichy Palace, Bratislava in the collective exhibition "Art Youth of Slovakia". She continued her studies with a one year course in advanced drawing with Academic Painter E.Kuzmova in Bratislava. Her interests broadened into 2 year study of esthetology, licenced as practitioner in 1999, in Robert Morgans Vocational Institute, Miami, FL where she was mostly inspired by the study of color therapy and continues to implement the color theory-and how color effects our bodies, moods and feelings into her digital and original art works.Presently she is enrolled in a two year program with the American Art Institute. Her art was shown and sold in the famed "heart" gallery -Pierre Marcel Gallery-2002/2003, where she was futher motivated and inspired.
Study of philosofies and religions, mostly buddhism, taoism, was a practitioner in local Miami based taoist temple for three years, metaphysics, primitive life styles, tarot, i ching, yoga and vegeterianism - 8 years cooking, eating and loving healthy and balanced vegetarien diet.

Also Visit My Newly opened Gallery store at: http://MMMartstudio.etsy.com/

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