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Mihail Victorov graduated from the Voronezh School Arts, Voronezh Art College and the Voronezh Institute of Civil Engineering, having specialized in architecture. In the creative field, Mihail has worked in advertising, interior design, monument painting and wood carving. He has been employed by Voronezh State Television as a set designer and has received awards in architecture and poster competitions. Currently, Mihail works as a stage designer in the theatre, where his sets have been used in some 50 different performances in Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Vyatka, Rostov-na-Donu, Ekaterinburg, Volgograd and other Russian towns. He is a member of the Russian Theatre Workers’ Union.
Mihail has participated in some 25 exhibitions, including three one-man shows in Moscow. He has also produced work for the Voronezh regional art gallery and, from 1999, has displayed his paintings online project at “”.
In 2000 Mihail participated in the International Master Class Festival of Arts in St Petersburg.
In October 2001 the one-man show of the artist passed in England. It took place as part of the program of Canterbury Festival of Arts.
His style is Post-traditionalism.
Mihail’s artworks are represented in the galleries and private collections of Russia, the United States, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Austria, Spain.

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