Michelle A 'Bontperdjie' du Plessis

'Die Vrystaat pad' The Freestate road.
© 2017 Michelle A 'Bontperdjie' du Plessis

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Hallo all, Im 33jrs old live in a very small
in South Africa called Bultfontein with my cat
Mielon and dog Blokkies and my Pinto Riding
Horses Baby ,Deuces , Superstar and Twiggy
with me in the small agricultural town in the
Freestate province. Prof
Farmer manager, Pinto Horse breeder. I have
had the
honor to have crossed paths with a beautiful
and astonishing man, and he was true'ly the
most potent and biggest insparation to me
my motto is 'when ur down to nothing God is
up to something', 'devine poetry is in
someone you loves smile, a true north a
'compass' in a very hard world', a horse in full
flight I sign my work '
Michan' or 'Briar' have a beautiful day regards

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