Elle Nicolaï

Tree of Life Series: Vigor and Vitality
© 2018 Elle Nicolaï

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Elle Nicolaï is an artist of the spirit dedicated to healing and transformation through art. To manifest her intention, she incorporates ancient, shamanic as well as tribal symbols and aesthetics in her work.

These “Alchemies of the TransVisible” display a neo-abstract painterly style steeped in a universal language of sacred geometry and animatism.

Her paintings translate what is seen through the Inner Eye, by taking dream-images and meditational-glyphs, then placing them in our 3-dimensional reality, on canvas, for us to see.

Elle Nicolaï’s transpersonal art can be viewed as an organic and natural occurrence. She explains, “The transformative process integrates the artist as the pathway for the spirit (or energy) of creation itself and the viewer as observer, both participants altered by a newly actualized artistic composition.”

The integral art of Elle Nicolaï has been exhibited at galleries through North America, from New York to the West Coast, from Florida to Canada. She is listed among the IBC ‘Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century’ and ‘Who’s Who of American Women.’

She is also the founder of the Salamander Fund, a non-profit organization, which is devoted to “human transformation through multi-disciplinary research and methodologies in art, science, health and consciousness.”

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