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Mike Ambler is a Lecturer in Media and Photography at Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England. In collaboration with his colleague Kane Cunningham a term was arrived at to describe a new, exciting and emerging art practice within the School of Creative Arts at the college - that of PIXELISM. This draws on traditional methodologies and extends ideas and notions through experimentation with new digital media. Photographs, drawings and paintings can be scanned and layered and the resultant artwork can be further worked on in Adobe Photoshop or similar to create a new work of Art which is now described as pixelism. The work can remain on the virtual substrate of the webpage and at any time be re-worked, so the process is in a constant state of digital flux. The work can be inkjet or lightjet printed for display in a traditional manner or it can remain on the webpage to be the focus of the attention of others wishing to engage in the debate which is escalating around the new ism of this the twenty first century - PIXELISM !
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