Michael Cunliffe Thompson

Duck Harbor #3
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Michael Cunliffe Thompson was born 1939 in Bebington, England. Gained an Honors Degree in Physics then worked thirty years as a software engineer. During these years Mike found time for painting, charcoal drawing and silk screen printing. In 2002, Mike made a complete career change and began painting full time.
His paintings are now sold in galleries and at many juried shows. The price of his paintings has advanced steadily while maintaining sales.
Keywords: Seascapes, landscapes, sea, boat, sailboat, sail, sailing, dinghy, marine, islands, New England, Massachusetts, Maine, oil painting.

I am a sailor and an artist. My work is inspired by nature and is expressionist in style. In the summer I spend as much time as possible painting from a sailboat anchored in distant bays of Maine. I try to communicate what it is about the place and time that excites me.

My painting is not “realistic” in the sense that you can recognize where I put my easel. I'm not painting picture postcards. I seek to express something of the spirit of a place.
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