Milena Stamboliyska

Dynamic 2002 five layers-screen video installation
© 2018 Milena Stamboliyska

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In my studio practice I have always been interested in experimentation and developing a new media and techniques in order to renew their application into novel visuality. Regarding this investigation and practicality, I have gradually started to include the aspects of time, space and illusion into my studio practice and thus making them a vital part of my research.
One of the aims of the artwork images I am enclosing is to engage the viewer in a process that fluctuates between orientation and disorientation, engulfing him into the looking glass of the U turn reality. I am also interested of capturing a moment of the time line and improvising with the facts and illusions of it, which gives me the freedom of the unconventional.
I am trying to situate the viewer into the mystery of the surprise, make him spread his imagination looking and possibly ’penetrating’ into the art work; such an involvement is an important part of my pieces , whatever the story is behind the image.
Structuring and layout of the space holds the key that the artwork is viewed and also a suggestion of the time frame that is needed for viewing. The installation aspect is very important for me in terms of implying some architectural and sculptural issues related with the mixture of presentation, viewer and an artwork. Hence I am trying to unify my ideas with the way of installment and embodiment of the question of how an artwork effects our perceptions.
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