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Milton Jeronimides, Jeron, was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. When he was two years old, his parents moved to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where he studied. He graduated as an Electronics Eng. from PUC and after that he obtained his Master Degree of Science from the Manhattan College of NY. In 94 he moved to S.P. Five years ago, he started intensifying his Artistic Productions; under the guidance of masters such as Elias, Tuneu, Dude Maia, Peticov and Fingermann. He realized the biggest part of his studies at the MAM. In 2002 he amplified his technical research at the St. Martin School in London, and the Art Students League in NY. Jeron has participated in several exhibitions of contemporary art. In 2002 he received the III Art Supply Award.

His paintings in Oil and Acrylic reveal a colorful tropical richness, where Insistent Geometric Forms stand out among Abstract and Figurative Images. Obsessively a painter of Forms diluted in bright and hidden lights, shadowy forms, defined by bright colors that break the serenity of the painting. According to Olivio Guedes, "Jeron is an artist of the @ Technology who gets inspired on the Canvas Support and the Canvas Plasma , realizing the merge of Internet with Art". His knowledge is translated in Paradoxal Feelings represented by Symbols that present the existence paradigm. Objectivity and Subjectivity blend under the Artist's sensibility result in his Post-Actual works.
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