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My artist story began many years ago. I had an accident when I was three years old and after that my good hearing was broken. I spent many times in the hospital where I began draw and paint. It was my first artist school.
In primary school I had many troubles because I never heard teacher words
and I prefer read books on lessons than learn. When I was twenty years old
I began use hearing aid. From this time I had good hearing and my communication was better than before it. Because of my healing troubles I don't finished high school. I found employment in factory where I sew clothing and dressing. There I fell in love in one of needleswomen name Joanna. It was unhappy love story but this event was very important in my life. From this time I recovered my artist soul and after long time I began
again draw and paint. First two years I made various experiments and search
own style. Two years later I began create style from cubism inspiration.
My interpretation was different than original cubism and foe my own forms
I gave name - KWADRYZM. It was 10 years ago. From this time I was painted
thousands pictures and they was exposed in many counties on the world.
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