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Monica Palermo, in art "emmepi" is born in 1962 to Rome. She breathes the colors of the Italian abstract art of the '900 since her childhood.
In 1984 she takes the diploma in art direction in the European Institute of Design with the maximum of the score. From now she began her career of graphic designer, that itís still her occupation and that has sure favorite its familiarity with the colors.
In 2005 as a result of life changes and to events that will revolutionize her way to face the life, she approached again definitively to the painting.
The artwork exposed here, "Showlder view", represents her change, turning the shoulders to a past in order to undertake a new road that feels by now of having to cover.

In her paintings we can guess a great creative fury. In her works she prefers the abstraction, the contrast, in the material as in the colorimetry as well her life itís made of many contrasts. she loves to define herself ďabstractionist of emotions". The white canvas, the callback of the empty space, slowly gives space to the inspiration, to the creative impetuosity, in order to arrive to the point of no return. Like two lovers who caress themselves in order to reach an ecstatic relax, so are her brushstrokes, at first impetuous, with vehemence, in order then to arrive at the delicacy, until to the phlegm of the final touch.

The night is her maximum source of expression: silence, darkness, music and emotions are her painting companions and the contact with the emotions is facilitated from the absence of outside noisy. Ended the canvas, is the moment of the signature, that has for her it has the same valence of the words "the end" in a movie. It does not overlap it to the colors, but it carve them, like it want to stay between them.

One attempts in some figurative one, very succeeding, but she feels that her paint-brush must be free to go on the burlap, to follow her emotions istinctively. In her artwork there are warmth, optimism and passionality.
For the air breathed in family, for sure colors, features, background of famous painters flutter in her memory but however every painting stretches has one its own univocity. The colors that predominate are the red ones, the blues and the greens.
She loves the exuberance of the material in her canvas, the tact for her it is very important, and has even dedicated a work to the not seeing persons, "A blind Love", where the word "love" in written in relief in alphabet Braille.
In her paintings difficultly you will find rigid, testy strokes: she is for the soft, sinuose lines that reflects the roundness of her being.
This is just the beginning, full load of promises, of her career of painter.

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