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Monique works with acrylics and oils and her paintings go from landscapes to abstract. Her second passion belongs to photography.

Monique was born in 1966 in Bern, Switzerland. She grew up in the French part of Switzerland. Prior to the start of her kindergarten year Monique and her family moved to Zurich, the Swiss German region. Since an early age, Monique was drawn towards the arts and nature; a passion that was to ignite a lifelong romance with photography.

At the age of 20, graduating with a Master’s Degree in business & international economics from the Institute St. François de Sales, Châtel-St. Denis (Switzerland), she began worldwide traveling. Her first destination to Australia included the breath-taking underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef, the deserted sands of the Northern Territory where she spent two weeks with the Aboriginals and learnt all about living off the land and being in harmony & balance with the environment.

Monique has photographed in 76 countries as well as in South Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji, Bahamas, Thailand, Greece and the continental US.
Upon her return to Switzerland, she worked several years for Swissair where she gained valuable experience in Human Resources Management. At the same time, in 1998, Monique joined the Swissair Emergency Care Team to take care of the surviving dependants together with other full-fledged members. She supported families after the Swissair plane crash in Halifax in 1998, the tunnel fire in Kaprun (Austria) in 2000 and after the tragedy of 9/11.

Simultaneously, she earned a Master's Degree in Real Estate from the Academy of Hamburg, Germany. She then studied Feng Shui and the 'ancient Chinese art of placement' guided her into the world of Interior Design. Monique is currently completing an Interior Design degree program at the Interior Design Institute of New York and has finally the time to be creative. During her restless search for new photographic opportunities, she recently started to paint. Monique loves the fact that art has no boundaries - that anything is possible!
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