ANTIQUE VISOR (Antiguo vigěa)

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Who I am, what I believe and what I think.

I was born near the lion´s colour river , under the constellation of Virgo, in Olivos city, Vicente Lopez County, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I have studied in Ciudad Autónoma of Buenos Aires, at Julio A. Roca Normal School; Manuel Belgrano National Visual Arts School and Prilidiano Pueyrredon Superior Arts School.
I read and paint since I have seen Light.
I don´t live “from this” but “for this”
During my whole life I have painted abstract paintings because I think this is the way along which the pure creation goes through
The only lineage I recognize and value is Talent.
I am persuaded that absolute liberty is absolute loneliness.
I am what I do.

Norma Nava, Argentinean of the world, her different artistic disciplines are shaped in pictorial verses, in narrative panels. Writer and plastic artist, their works feed from eachother meticulously to construct the personnal univers in which she lives. She shares with us in her poem "Tan", coming from the other side of the ocean.
Her poetry shells in mixed images, in gores of phenomenic existence that the author approaches to tell us with these words: "(...)
Whichever I saw, I suffered. Whatever I lived, I dreamed. Whatever I kept, I lost. How much I loved and I forgot. How much I let go. How much I did not
believe...All that I shut up...One the waters are gone and the words dries the wood returning it ashgray, in some way or rare way those things must return left at the mercy of winds, clouds of the flames....Everything what finishes, reommences.Memory, time within the time moving in different directions(...)”
Among her long trajectory and intense life, there are 26 international poetic anthologies, a personal book of poems, 26 group exhibitions, 24 individual and 22 national and international participations in important art institutions.

This page is the first in a series of webpages in which tries to give an overview of the abstract arts on the Internet. Each page will be devoted to a single artist, and we couldn't have made a better and more difficult start than with the work of Argentinian artist Norma Nava. Why it's a good start is obvious - to this author however, it's also a daunting task because of the originality of Norma Nava's work, which makes it hard to classify, as well as the experience of it's maker which humbles a semi-young artist such as myself. We shall not dwell on that - let's take a look at Norma's paintings.If one browses through Norma's websites it soon becomes clear that nature is central in her work and thinking. There are drawings and photos of flowers, forests, Indians and many of her paintings are reminiscent of microscopic enhancements of cross-sections of plant- and animal cells as well as body-tissue. Some paintings seem like an artistic study into cell-biology and the visual language of fractals. All this is mixed with mesoamerican symbols and geometry in an incredibly clever way, that makes Norma Nava a great structuralist. With structuralism we mean that it's the artist's intention to fit together a painting's details such that they produce a pictorial unity. This is difficult enough when dealing with simple geometric objects such as squares, triangles, etc., but the level of complexity increases exponentially if shapes contain a degree of randomness, as is the case in nature, especially in microbiology, which seems to be a source of inspiration to Norma Nava.And so there is the additonal problem of visualizing randomness in an artistically convincing way. Care has to be taken to realize the difference with the role that chance plays in action painting. There the artist uses mechanical techniques to depict randomness, such that the way the paint hits the canvas really is random. Randomness in a Norma Nava painting however, probably starts with a drawing, which produces a more controlled kind of randomness, since it comes forth out of the artist's judgement directly and so, while depicting randomness, it's actually entirely deliberate.The title of the first painting (above), Amazonia Distintos Canales, suggests that the Amazon river is the painting's subject-matter, but at the same time it reminds of microbiology.In the painting to the left many more mesoamerican symbols can be seen and possibly a map of an archaeological site. The safety is typical of the way Norna mixes earnesty with humor - perhaps she can be described as one of the last nonconformists in "Western" art (the quotes denote my ignorance as to whether or not Latin American should be regarded as Western - it definitely makes a European impression - or as fully independent). MAARTEN JENSEN
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