Nancy Thomas

"Expressive Bubbles"
© 2018 Nancy Thomas

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As a photographer, I find great pleasure in photographing nature, my garden, persian cats and kittens which I am breeder,candid shots of ordinary every day people. For nearly 25 years, my artistic angle has geared strongly toward the capturing of local events, people's candid life, garden design , scenic travel and the day in a life of Cats, give my portfolio style and character. A life long resident of Salem, Oregon I enjoy capturing the Salem's historical homes and other sites. I am a freelance photographer and welcome inquiries as to what type of work I might have available for Stock photography sales or having me review what you are seeking to determine if I could professionally help you with your designed product. I welcome email contact at or by calling or faxing me at 503-371-7221 (Salem, Oregon USA)

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