Naomi Sennett

Floral, Scenic, and Personalized Note Cards and Gifts Printed from Original Painting By Fine Artist Lady Ni.
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The prize-winning art of Lady Ni, both her paintings and sculpture, have been widely exhibited throughout the United States. Galleries in Chicago, Miami, California, Wisconsin, and elsewhere represent her work. Collectors have avidly sought her colorful, Impressionistic portraits, still lifes, landscapes and cityscapes, and her unique three-dimensional figure studies. To satisfy the increasing demand for her art, Lady Ni founded Lady Ni Studio in 2001, a limited edition press specializing in full color reproductions of a representative selection of her work. Some observers have compared Lady Ni's acrylic and oil paintings to the dazzling, color-drenched art of Monet, with the same vitality, passion and spontaneity of this Impressionist master. Her sculpture may suggest to the knowledgeable viewer a harmonious marriage of classical imagery and proportion and the beginnings of modernist sculptural abstraction. After years of study with various teachers, and a lifetime of perfecting her talents, Lady Ni's art reflects the legacy of her mentors, combined with her own influences and personal style, she has recently embarked onto new horizons, developing a computer/digital style. The result is art of surpassing richness and pleasure for the eye and mind.
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