Natasha Pantelyat

Inspired by Art Nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha and the spirit of the Art Deco direction of Tamara de Lempicka, the paintings of Natasha Pantelyat observe their legacy as a demarcation point to achieve immediacy of presence. With sympathetic clarity and humor, she colorfully brings to life complex degree of feminine and, even more deeply human disposition.

Russian-born Pantelyat received her Fine Art degree from Kiev Art College and degree in Fashion and Illustration from Fashion Institute. She worked as an artist, illustrator and fashion designer in
Russia, Ukraine and Europe before moving to U.S, where she is currently Senior Director at a leading fashion company.

As a fashion designer and illustrator who creates collections of clothes for larder-sized woman, I have recognized the unique beauty and charm that illuminate from the personalities of the women in my illustrations. This inspired me to transform the illustration quality of my images from magazine pages into canvas.
This transition allowed for the collaboration of images that convey a variety of themes of women’s daily lives. My heroines are in love with life and themselves. They reward their fans with a gift of individual beauty, acknowledging with their dazzling appearances that “beauty comes in every size”.
Studios of Natasha Pantelyat

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