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Born in Almada, Portugal, 1964

Artistic formation in the National Society of Fine arts
Member of the Artistic Circle and cultural "Artur Bual"
Member of the National Society of the Fine arts
Member of the “ Artes” - Cultural Association of Seixal.
Member of IMARGEM –Plastic artists of Almada Ass.

First exhibition in group in 1982, stopped until 1995 .

Exposes regularly since 1998:

Solo exhibitions: Bibliotheca of Seixal, Real Musical - Lisbon, C.G.D. Bank - Arte Café Gallery – Pinhal Novo, Gallery art Town - Alcochete, Municipal Gallery Arruda dos Vinhos, Gallery of Cardaes – Principe Real - Lisbon, Gallery of Sobral Monte Agraço, Alba Simões Gallery - Albarraque, Ler Devagar Gallery, Bairro Alto-Lisbon. Museum of Montijo- Montijo, Agora Gallery - New York- SOHO(with 2 artists).

Group exhibitions: Museum of Electricity - Lisbon, Municipal Gallery Aveiras de Cima, Building of the Kettles of Mundet - Seixal, Workshop of the Culture of Almada - Almada, Santiago Gallery - Palmela, GalleryCenter - Amoreiras - Lisbon, Belo Belo Gallery - Braga, Factory of the Arts Gallery - Torres Vedras. International Exhibition of Vendas Novas, D.G.A.J. Art Gallery - Lisbon, Roque Gameiro Gallery - Minde, International Exhibition Vendas Novas -2001, of the Factory of the Arts-2001, -DGAJ. Art Gallery 2001. S.N.B.A. -Lisbon .Artexpo New York – New york -

Bibliography: Reviewed " Imobiliária "- Set 2000 (4 pages)
New Art International - Book Art Press (2002)
Report filmed in the netcabo - www.netcabo.pt, "ARTES"
Author of the symbol of the Bass of the National Conservatory

Represented in several private and officials collections
Studios of Né Barros

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