Negar Assari-Samimi

Religion Tolerance
© 2018 Negar Assari-Samimi

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Every individual is important. Let's focus on our similarities
rather than on our differences.

We fight everyday. We fight for our beliefs. Let's not kill each other for them.

In my art, I try to show the similarities and importance of our
individual beliefs. The building block for each scenario is a mother
and a child. I purposely used the same mother and child for four
different religions to show people's similarities.
Although the mother and the child are the same in each scenario,
the religious backdrop is different. The artwork illustrates the
passing of our beliefs from one generation to the next and the
manner in which people choose to raise their children within boundaries.
The nude child represents the purity and innocence that will inevitably be
suppressed by adult beliefs.

At the end, a circle symbolizes the religious loop in which we
must all learn to live peacefully.

People are just people regardless of religion, borders, or
boundaries. Let's not raise our children within boundaries.

We need to protect, not punish, people for their beliefs.

Negar Assari-Samimi
October 2002
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