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The author doesn’t like to talk about himself; for him, what’s important is the deed, not the doer. However, we think we should tell people a little bit about his life.

No, he wasn’t introduced into the world of comics as a child or ‘ever since he had use of reason’ (he says he still has none, anyways). He actually started late, in 1993. That’s when he was ‘initiated’ into comics, with a great desire to create his own comic strips.

The effort and hard work were constant... like in all true initiation.

In those days, his work was published in the local Chilean magazine Bandit no. 32.

Moving away from the publishing industry, he soon decided to draw his first fiction book: TRIADA (KURT, The Master of Temple), a novel set in a very peculiar future (the Era of Capricorn) and past. For the author, any time — but today — is good and valid to tell a story.

He has also ventured in other graphic styles, like clear line and superheroes drawing, but always returning to his own realist style, which he claims ‘suits him better’.

He has participated in a couple of exhibitions in Chile and abroad.

His work interrupted by constant traveling, he finally settled in Dominican Republic, where he resumed work in his dearest novel.

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