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was born in Bitetto (BA), Italy in 1941,
after my 3 years army period as electronic specialist
as sergent degree I left army and worked in
the naval industries for approximately 35 years as
electtrotecnic.In the last 15 years,
on building submarines Sauro class.
I carved out a career as quality control.
I studied Art & Design as autodidact.
Art became important to me
again 10 years ago whilst visiting museum
and galleries.
All the artwork displayed here and on my website
has been produced within the last 10 years.
I work in a variety of medium and tecnics
including digital(Photoshop, FLASH) oil on canvas,
murales paint, sculptures, art trainer.
Following the Roger Bacon's philosophy
such " On the Ligth's metaphora" as knowledge
of the world and the umanity's sense,
I create so as I can do my art works
that you can see on my site. Criticism
and observer give me a statement as artist,
I don't really have, I elaborate art
as and when I feel I need to.
My work is primarily created for my benefit,
but, if others enjoy it...
It's both a bonus and a compliment.

I leave and work in Gradisca d'Isonzo 34072
Viale Trieste, 121 (GO) ITALY

Tel: 0481-92304
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