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Born in Istanbul
1968-93 Lived in Istanbul
1994-95 Lived in Germany
1996-02 Lived in Saudi Arabia
2002- Lives in USA

Education and Courses:
1984-86 Bogazici university
1986-87 Costum Designing, Tasari,Istanbul
1987-88 Sculpture and drawing with Prof.Meric Hizal
1987-92 BFA,Painting,Mimar Sinan University
2003-04 PSDI Interior Designing ,USA
2004- Webster University,MA,USA

Description of Art:
Nilsen Turan-Kennedy's paintings are about humans and the contemporary world's problems. They are about using our resources to have better lives, peace and happiness. They have been created by the urge to find a better way to live in this world. She believes that we -humans should live on Earth as if we are creating great art works with great compositions. She wants to descent the borders, erase the borders between cultures, religions, languages, races and even between the countries. Nilsen Turan-Kennedy uses her paints and brushes as tools to express herself and in the twenty-first century, she still insists to paint surfaces with pigments. Here is a small passage from one of her writings:

" I love the way the Earth look through the airplane window. It is so fascinating to me! When I'm up in the sky, everything looks so small and peacefull. I know,it is a dream, but I feel like we can control all that chaos by looking at the world globally. In this world, there should be no place for hatred, war, hunger, poverty, etc..."
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