Norma Mon Desire - Toney

Can't I walk beside you
© 2018 Norma Mon Desire - Toney

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About the Artist

Norma V Mon Desire Toney

I am an African American Woman
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grand Mother, Visual Artist
Masters Level Art Therapist.
I have described myself this way since these roles
Have played and important part as inspiration in my creative process
My style of painting has been described as bold, dynamic, emotional and primitive.
This description may be an accurate as I use the things that occur in my life as an African American as subjects for my work. A reporter during an interview asked me why I paint. I stated that I paint to provoke thought .
The word I left out from the above words that have described my work is provocative. I have had many comments about my work: one person said that some of the subjects in my work are very beautiful and some be horrendous.
She was correct because that is what it is like being African American in this country. I am a multi Medium Visual Artist My Passion is Painting


Norma Mon Desire Toney

Hamden, CT.

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