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I love art of all kinds, painting, sculpture, music, drama, and literature. I find that I equally enjoy works by great artists as well as works by hobbyists. Expression is of the utmost importance, not technical skill. Technique and skill can be learned, and anyone can produce works of photographic quality. A true artist is more than a good technician. His expression transcends the boundaries of culture and time by tapping into a primal part of the human consciousness.

In my growth as an artist, I have found that I am enthralled by ancient works of art. The older the culture, the more interested I become. It is fascinating to look upon works from the early history of mankind, and marvel at the sophistication. The ancient cultures have left behind a plethora of works that speak to the very soul. I strive in my art to achieve this type of universal expression.

My influences include:
Modigliani, Mattise, Picasso,
Van Dongen

All of the Venetian masters of the Renaissance. especially Titian.

The Abstract Expressionists,
Willem De Kooning, Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock....

The truth is, I love all painting!
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