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there waz big storm and kittehs were like OMGWTFBBQ
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HAI! You can has storei bout kitteh, srsly. Teh kitteh will stop spekin LOLCAT and let huuman tlak to yuo bcuz DO NOT WANT!
Now d00dz sez GTFO and let mi speek!!111eleven.

It all started when I found out that despite not being able to afford to go to art school, I could be well off with tuition going to public schools.
So I redeemed my academic status at St Petersburg college.
After graduating with my AA, I transferred to UF for computer software engineering. Oh and to leave Tampa-St Pete also :)

It only took me a semester after transferring to find out what I really wanted to do. I switch my major to Digital Arts and Computer Science from the College of Engineering and am working towards my Bachelors in that field. My current goal is to get an internship or job in the game industry, or at least within the entertainment industry in general. WAANNTT!! For my career I aspire to pursue technical or project management.

Hence my current life. I've had about 3. That leaves 6 more, as I am part LOLCAT and born with 9.

And BLARG teh kittehs wuz all sad cuz no can heas An htey sed BOOOOOORRRRRRING!!!!!!

Now goo!!!oneeleven. kthnxbai!
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