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Born 1960 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Graduated 1986 from the Kyiv State Institute of Art.

The magazine "Compass" 2002

To celebrate the arrival of the warm spring weather, and in anticipation of the Orthodox Easter holidays, ARTEast gallery would like to welcome all AmCham Members and their guests to the opening of a new art exhibition housed in the American Chamber of Commerce offices from Monday, April 1. Art critic, Dr. John jenks Thomas, of Boston was once quoted as saying, "Not one woman in a hundred has a true artistic sense, or even a genuine liking for the aesthetic in any of its forms." The brand new art collection, "Angel's Holy Feast" by Olena Pryduvalova, chosen for this joint exhibition, completely refutes this statement and proves that there are women who can paint as compellingly and as successfully as men. Ukrainians, faced with the infiltration of Western lifestyles and ways of thinking, are suffering from a cultural clash of traditional values and new Western concepts. Olena Pryduvalova is one of many artists wrestling with this problem and striving to recapture the original Ukrainian sense of beauty. She has focused her attention on traditional Ukrainian symbols and has introduced sacred folklore into her paintings featuring religious scenes dedicated to Easter.
Olena Pryduvalova structures her paintings through a cacophonous contrast of color and primitive figures. Her robust, slightly wild but never uncontrolled, combinations of intensive, bright, fresh colors and luscious tones make an immediate impact on the viewer. Her unique pieces of art attract both connoisseurs and amateurs, and cause people to contemplate while soaking their souls in happiness and tranquility. Olena's distinguished style has been highly acclaimed by critics, winning her several awards, including first prize at the Great Ukrainian Women Artists 1998 International Exhibition. Over 70 pieces of her work have been sold both in Ukraine and many other countries in the last 3 years.
The "Angel's Holy Feast" art exhibition will continue till June 2, and, as usual, all Members are invited to the American Chamber of Commerce offices to enjoy the works of this well-known Ukrainian artist.

By Dana Pirogova
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