Oliver Gili

Untitled 2002
© 2018 Oliver Gili

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Did 'conventional' degree, then foundation, then persueded by my then partner to give it all up, found I couldn't do it, then started exhibiting alot in Brighton, and London, and on the WWW, in the last couple of years I've exhibited (and even had a painting stolen) as part of the Hospital Arts project at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, in a group show at the university in Little Rock, and Gallery 286, in London

my work is principally acryic or oil paintings, scanned into photoshop (which is then used as a post production medium, why? because it shifts the pallet from paint to light, allows me to fiddle with lighting, saturation and do things which would take hours of painstaking overpainting with a click of a mouse. I tend to exhibit (when funds permit) the work on lightboxes primaryly.

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