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Ever since he was a child he was fascinated with colors and its forms. When growing up he attended art workshops at the foundation of arts (Fundarte). Omar Olivier was born in Santa Rosa, Sucre in Venezuela in November of 1971.

He always loved adventures and was always very independent. He left his country at an early
age and lived in Puerto Rico, USA and Mexico preparing himself sporadically with professors
from Italy, Brazil and Asia.
In the year 2000 he started living in Aruba permanently.
Olivier is convinced that traveling in Europe, America and the Caribbean influenced and
increased his experience significantly and that this is reflected in the wide variety of his art
that softly delights us.

Olivier showed his art during the last years in expositions not only in order to show the
world his job but mostly in order to strengthen the cultural relationship throughout the
Caribbean. He earned the recognition of the IVCC (Institute for Culture and Cooperation of
Venezuela) and was invited by the general council of the Republic of Venezuela in Aruba to
represent his native country in the expo called “Semilla de la paz” (the seeds of Peace) in
Aruba with the participation of 20 countries.

Olivier expresses himself as follows:
“Early in my live I had the opportunity to participate in my first exposition in the
Daguerrotipo gallery of the National Theater of Caracas. Shortly after this I left Venezuela
and out of curiosity, interest, love and passion I visited many galleries and museums and
started painting in small sizes (30 by 25 cm. ).

I made this my hobby which lead me to participate in several expositions (not registered in
my samples) that did not become popular.
Painting became like my favorite game and I did this out of my innocence.
As an adult with more experience and a well developed passion I made it my goal to
participate in expositions with a greater coverage making my work known to a greater
public but the above mentioned first once, my first steps, are special to me and have a
unique place in my heart.”

Since 2001 he started exposing individually and permanently.
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