Oscar B.

Without title 00052 (120 x 150 cm)
© 2018 Oscar B.

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Oscar B. was born in 1960 in Paris, but he will live the biggest part of his life in Nantes. Lover of this harbour city with industrial atmospheres, in the tints intoxicates and makes rusty, in the chaotic climates, it will be the vital lead of his creation.

From its youngest age Oscar B. draws and paints, but the labour environment in which he evolves does not intend him for the art. Nevertheless, he makes in 1977 one year to the Beaux Arts School of Nantes, that will confirm his taste for the painting, the drawing and the art in general, but with an aversion for academicism.

His rather eclectic, artistic route is marked out by different forms of expression (industrial Rock, Photography, computer graphics) in the urban, post-industrial influences and the representations of it are sometimes believed. In parallel, Oscar B. will be successively: night petrol pump attendant in the suburb of Nantes, worker in a factory of metal industry, a carrier of blood products, a technician to the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in Orsay (France), an auxiliary civil servant at the office of cultural action in the Ministry of Education in Paris etc. … These multiple experiences will contribute to anchor the artistic work of Oscar B. in the reality.

Since July 2005, the artist dedicates himself mainly to the painting.
His work articulates around two concepts: the free thought and the humanism. He takes the shape of sensory, emotional, enigmatic, funny story in which each one can break taken and dive.
To classify the painting of Oscar B. in an artistic current, it is little to live as a parasite on the thought of each person. However, the work of the artist approaches movements of free figuration and the singular art introduced and represented, among others, by Robert Combas, Hervé di Rosa, Jean-Michel Basquiat, by their will of accessibility to the biggest public.
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