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Owen built The Mutant Vehicle Polaroid Photo Booth at BM 2009. It was a large outdoor photo studio where artists interacted. Huge black tarps were affixed to the vertical surface of a 4 story climbable scaffold. White tarps were laced together and strung by cables from the top of the scaffold to the top to poles that were the tallest thing on the playa.

The cables didn't go in easily. From atop a tall ladder, with Owen standing close to the top and two people below, they tried to pull the cable in with their hands, but the wind was too strong. They only succeeded after deploying a system of ratcheted pulleys. Once in place the cables were cinched and the tarps fluttered beautifully like the ones over Center Camp. The last story of scaffold was taken down at sunset the Monday after the temple burn. The poles were still up.

Even vehicles with tall masts fit in the Booth. It was oriented to put the vehicles in the best light. It was at a good distance from the Opulent Temple to hear the beats. The Booth was in its full undamaged glory for only a day or so. An antenna from a vehicle dragged across the canopy. It sprung up in the lacing between the tarps and tore them. The winds then did further damage overnight leaving the Booth still usable but much of its canopy ripping apart. Yet this was long enough.

The Mutant Vehicle Polaroid Photo Booth people greeted the artist and crew of each Mutant Vehicle. They took the time to understand the vision of each work of art. They amplified each others' happiness in meeting. It went higher and higher. It is infinite. They would part so the shot could be taken.

Next, a countdown to the opening of the shutter: 3, 2, 1 . . . open. The essence of each of them then emerged in the long held poses they struck as Owen exposed the last remaining film of its type.
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