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"My creative intention is to find beauty and explore it's infinite realms.
To me, art's great purpose lies in aesthetic creativity.
It's purpose is to help us see beyond the cultural straight-jacket."

I began taking an interest in creating art about five years ago. I was introduced to a program called Adobe Photoshop by a fellow co-worker at the time. I had no real concept of art. I could never draw a line on a piece of paper and generally stayed away from anything that required my hand to draw or paint. Being the computer nerd that I was (am), I had a sense that the computer could be the tool that would allow me to enter this world that I had previously stayed away from. I was totally blown away by film grain textures and drop shadows. Those two simple examples were the catalyst that finally sprang the artist within. Since that time, many inspirations have come into my life of which I will explain below.

Much of my early work, some of which can be seen in the Digital Abstraction section, was mainly combinations of fractals, textures, backgrounds, beveling, and filtered-to-death goop. Now, my focus has moved toward photography and the kind of limitless manipulation that can be achieved through Photoshop. Most of my work now consist of original photography that is "processed" within Photoshop to produce entirely new images. I bought an SLR around the same time that I discovered Photoshop. However, that did not get much use until I understood how to use the tools provided by Photoshop more clearly. I began to look at the photograph as my raw source canvas and realized that the image of the photograph could become anything.

In the last couple of years, the focus has grown more toward photography and the use of it's fruits manipulated in Photoshop. This is what I am interested in at the current moment. I plan on wandering through all aspects of art within my lifetime as I have realized that the only worthwhile endeavor is to create. I have been teaching myself the use of Photoshop and the use of the camera by spending time reading books or visiting the vast amounts of tutorial sites on the Internet and most importantly by taking many photographs and endlessly creating art. I have returned to college to finish my education and maybe develop my skills through more education in the arts.
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