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Name: Paola González Muñoz

Born in Monterrey, NL. México, on Octubre 17th 1977

Self Taught Artist


Treasures Map´s are the inspiration of Paola Gonzalez’ new works, they represent a personal
language of marks, shifting colors, forms and gestures. Her painings combine acrylics, mixed
media, gold and silver leafs on canvas.

“Imagine your life as a map that takes you through a path where you mark down all your lost
chests of buried treasures…

The crosses and marks represent the most valuable things in our lives.

Life is a journey where someone may obtain gems, pearls, precious stones, silver and gold, but
you may also encounter yourself with traps and barriers that only you can evade by using your
own map.

Each one of us must go on our own quest. Be prepared to find the meaning of your life, As Your
Destiny is out there for you to find. “

The artist´s goal is to use Treasures Maps as a personal guide that leads the way to happiness
and life significance, in a result of an exciting adventure each one of us has to explore…

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